Commercial Leases

  • On business leases, the duration of the lease by law is three years, irrespective of whether a shorter or longer period is specified in the lease.
  • If both parties desire, the lease may be drawn up for more than three years.
  • Business leases bear a stamp duty of 3.6% which is usually paid by the tenant but some other agreement may also be reached.
  • The contract must specify precisely the use of the leased property, which cannot be used for activities that are not described in the lease contract.
  • It is obligatory for the lessor to file the contract on taxinet within 30 days of its signature, which contract must be accepted by the tenant; a fine is imposed for any delay.
  • One or two rents are usually paid in advance as guarantee.
  • Check, if you can, the solvency of the tenant.
  • The annual rate of increase in the rent is usually set at between 2 and 2.5 % and does not normally exceed 5%.
  • For the tenant to sublet the space, the right to sublet must be specified in the lease contract.