Documentation required for buyers

The purchaser of a property, after securing the price through an agreed down payment with the signature of the vendor, requires the following documentation for the transfer of the property to take place:

  • Police identity card or passport
  • Receipts for the payment of the Property Transfer Tax (PTT) from the competent tax office (D.O.Y.) to certify that this tax has been calculated and paid. The notary is responsible for drawing up the papers to calculate the objective value of the property to be transferred, on a special declaration to the competent tax office.
  • In the event of tax exemption on the purchase of a first residence, the buyer must bring the following to the competent tax office:
  • A solemn statement declaring that he has not previously used the right to tax exemption for the acquisition of a first residence, but also that he does not hold full ownership of any other house or apartment.
  • Certificate of family status.
  • Copy of tax returns for the past five years.
  • Copy of the E9 form, certified by the tax office to which he submits his income tax returns.

After signature of the final deeds, the notary public will submit one copy to the regional land registry office, and will receive in turn a certificate of transfer for the property.