Basic documents required for sellers

1.    Tax clearance or declaration ? from the tax office to which the vendor submits his income tax returns.
2.    Certificate that he does not owe any tax related to inheritance, parental grant or gift. If the vendor’s title of ownership is from an inheritance, parental grant or gift dated after 01-01-1995, the above certificate must state that no tax is owed on it.
3.    Certificate of insurance clearance from the health insurance organization IKA in cases where such is required. Indicatively: a) In the event that the property was built within the last 10 years, certification is required from the IKA office in the region of the property showing that the insurance contributions have been paid. b) If the vendor practises a free-lance trade or profession, or is a partner in a company (SA, limited company, etc.) he must provide insurance clearance from the competent IKA.
4.    Certificate of energy reimbursement, if it is a structure with an area of more than 50 sq.m. 
5.    Certification by an engineer that there are no unauthorized structures.
6.    Certification by an engineer that the procedure for submission to Article 24 of Law 4014/2011, as amended by Law 4178/2013, has been completed.
7.    Certification by the competent town planning body that the procedure for regularizing semi-outdoor space has been completed.
8.    Copy of the town planning permit, if the permit to build was issued after 14-03-1983.
9.    Excerpt from the land registry diagram, or certificate that a declaration was submitted to the local land registry office if the property is located in an area covered by it.
10.    Survey diagram based on the state system of coordinates, when the real estate is a plot or small holding.
11.    Certificate from the competent tax office (D.O.Y.) that the property tax has been paid in the event that the vendor is a legal person.
12.    Declaration of ownership by the competent municipality (wherever required) (if the property is within the General Town Plans, the statement of ownership is not needed).
13.    Certification from the municipality in which the property being transferred is located (wherever required) that no contribution is owed in terms of either money and land.
14.    Certification from the Forestry Service (wherever and whenever required).
15.    EN.F.I.A. certificate to confirm that all the property taxes (EETHDE, EETA, VAT) for the years 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 have been paid, and are required from 01-01-2014 on, for all property transfers (e.g. sales, donation, parental grant, acceptance of inheritance, etc.).