Calvin Klein's beach house

Privacy isn't the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Miami Beach, but that's exactly what you'll find at Calvin Klein's Miami Beach House. On site are five bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, two half baths, a garage, a courtyard, and an infinity pool that overlooks the bay with bamboo on either side to frame the view.

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Παρόμοια άρθρα
21 January
Every aspect of the revived John Lautner‘s Carbon Beach House, is simply breathtaking. Implanted in Malibu, California, interior designer Waldo Fernandez and architect Michael Kovac partnered up on refurbishing Jamie McCourt’s classic 1980 John Lautner beach getaway. Source: midcenturyhome
10 December
This highly unusual interior decor choice makes a little more sense when you learn that the Miami condo it’s in is owned by race car driver Pablo Pérez Companc, son of Argentina’s wealthiest individual. Source: dornob